Next Level Events is a weekly professional development “webinar” that is unlike any others! Every month has a theme and every week has a sub-topic as part of that theme. Each of these sessions are standalone sessions so if you miss one you will not be lost in the other sessions. If you do attend all four in a series, not only will you experience all the content the way it was designed but you will also earn a certificate of completion! Free to attend, though extremely interactive so we do ask that your cameras remain on as you will be in and out of breakout rooms and reporting out to the group at large. Most sessions have had attendance from 40-60 individuals from around the world!


"This has been one of the most engaging and practical workshop I attended. I am able to put into practice what I learned and the results are night and day!" - Felicia L. 

"This opportunity allowed me to explore some easy to use tools to engage with my students on a virtual platform." - Karl

"The Virtual Engagement series was a real education on the intentionality of planning and implementing virtual events. Kristen was able to eloquently explain the thoughts and theories that go into how to properly engage attendees without them even knowing! Best series I’ve attended since transitioning our events from in person to virtual!" - Jenn, MA

"Thanks for the excellent and thought-provoking sessions. You have truly challenged my thinking on how to engage students virtually. I look forward to joining more session in the future!" - Fiona, SA Partners, UK

"These sessions were not only educational, they were enjoyable. They model how vibrant virtual engagement can be when done with best practice based intention." - Rebecca, Brighton, UK

"These sessions made me realize that virtual can be engaging, exciting and inspirational... and showed me the tools to be able to achieve that." - University professor, UK